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"Single souls' survival guide" February 13, 2020

Are you lonesome tonight....? Don't sit at home moping read on to find out the ins and outs of dating in the 21st century. by Nadine Silverthorne In what most Singletons' parents refer to as "the good old days", dating was a simple right of passage. In some cultures it meant being set up by a matchmaker, or having the local gossips drum up a list of available young people from "good" families. For others, it meant going to dances and parties, inevitably falling for someone from school or the community. Dating in the 21st Century is often nothing short of a scavenger hunt. By the time you've figured out one clue, you're getting a message telling you there are more places to look and specific things you need to find. Men and women consistently complain that there's just no one out there. Or, when you meet someone that you think is decent, by the fifth date you realize that he or she may be gay, already married or just plain psychotic. In our modern, technological world, it has become increasingly difficult to meet new people. With email, Internet, video games, DVDs and the 100+ channel universe, more and more people are staying in and communicating with people outside their social circles less. The sense of community is rapidly dissipating, particularly in big cities. More of us are living with our parents well into our late twenties and early thirties to save on living expenses. So how do you actually meet and connect with someone in this brave tech world? Thankfully, some clever people in North America have come up with some innovative ideas that take the technological obstacles and work them to the Singletons' advantage. Read on for information on state-of-the-art singles solutions.