There are more attractive, intelligent, single women in your neighborhood than you even realize…


"The ladies at Dinnerworks are bright, intelligent, focused and open to a new relationships, and want to meet men in a non-threatening way and show who they really are…what could be better...its not a meat market and wonderfully discreet. " - MJ

That statement, from a Dinnerworks member, is probably the best piece of advertising we could hope for. What makes it so great is that it’s absolutely true. Single, educated, professional women want to meet men of equal calibre face-to-face, in comfortable and secure “no pressure” environment. What they don’t want is to spend hours trolling through cyberspace, dealing with the “blind date” aspect of “introduction” services or the uncertainty and potential risks of classifieds.

The women you want, want Dinnerworks. Which is exactly why you should, too. So much for the appetizer, now the Main Course… Meeting face-to-face in a safe environment is a winning formula for women. They know they will meet higher quality and more attractive men this way over other forms of dating. Women love what’s on the Dinnerworks menu. So will you.

As a man with gourmet taste, we appreciate that presentation is part of the attraction. Many men are (pleasantly) shocked by some of the classy ladies who attend. But don’t take our word for it…come on out and see for yourself.

At the end of a long day it’s a great night out! We really go to town on making sure that you have a fabulous time. And there’s no time like the present to sign up for a good time in the very near future!

Our dating events work. They take away that fear of rejection and you're safe in the knowledge that all the ladies in the room are unattached and looking to meet someone like you.

Dinnerworks follows through. Want to reconnect with a woman you may have only chatted with briefly (or not at all)? Contact the Dinnerworks team and they will send a private message to that special someone. This is great, especially when you want to get in touch with more than one person from a dinner or event. And it’s a huge advantage that is only offered by Dinnerworks.

Unlike "dating" services (both traditional and high-tech), Dinnerworks has the advantage of being instantaneous. You see, meet, chat and enjoy right from the start. No cold calling, mixed signals or complicated arrangements.

First dates shouldn’t require a second mortgage on your part. At a Dinnerworks event, both men and women are on equal ground when it comes to the "who pays" question.

Our events are safe and hassle-free. They are held in a professionally run environment where everyone shares common interests: good food, good drink and a good time with good people. Whether you're looking to meet new friends for fun or one special person, our events offer the perfect opportunity.

Sign up now and get Dinnerwoks working for you!