"A very good friend recently mentioned she can't get over the change in me over the past 6 months - that I have more confidence, have been more social and seem happier. I just wanted to tell you that this is due in no small part to Dinnerworks. Since getting past the anxiety of going to the first one and having a great time at every event since - its really helped me build my confidence. So I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job putting together some really fun dinners and events. I really do appreciate the efforts."
- RD

Girls! Are you looking for a fun night out and the chance to make new friends and possibly find your dream date? If so Dinnerworks is for you.

These days we spend long hours at work, and few hours at play. Meeting new people in our fast-paced lives can be difficult. Dinnerworks can help - by bringing busy single professionals together to make social, business and/or romantic contacts.

Dinnerworks organizes upscale dinners for a small group of equal number of men and women as well as exciting and interesting events. The setting is relaxed and informal - just right for making new social acquaintances.

  • An informal stress-free way to get-together
  • An opportunity to enjoy a fun evening
  • A chance to expand your circle - make new social, business and/or romantic contacts
  • An upscale way to enjoy the city's many great restaurants and event venues with great company
  • An affordable and practical way to meet others with similar interests

Until now, singles have really had limited options in types of services that facilitate meeting new people or finding a partner. Large group membership-based "clubs" which organize events and cannot guarantee how many and/or who will show up. Now, DinnerWorks has arrived and singles have a better option - a relaxed evening with other professional men and women. No more guesswork - the group and the location are selected with you in mind. You sign up. Dinnerworks does the work and from there, anything is possible.