What is this new service?

It doesn't replace the wonderful Dinnerworks dinners and events it's intended for those that want to shortcut the process. We call it Matchworks.

How does Matchworks work?

After a consultation with, Susan Kates, a certified matchmaker, (one of a handful of Certified Matchmakers in the world), the process begins. Susan has the keen ability to get to the heart and soul of her clients and get to what’s really important to them.

"It’s my job – and great pleasure to find a match that suits each unique individual’s personality and wishes. " - Susan Kates

Does it work? Take it from someone that it has worked for

"I know our paths never would have crossed had you not suggested David and I meet; we live in opposite ends of the city and work in completely different professional fields. This was actually my first blind date, and no doubt it will be my last as we’re now looking forward to a future together. Thank you for getting it so right for me the very first time!" - KC

To take advantage of your personal consultation and find out how MatchWoks can work for you send an e-mail to toronto@dinnerworks.ca and Susan will be happy to speak with you personally and tell you more.

"I will do my best to get it right for you too, all details discussed are confidential and your privacy is always most important".

If you have more questions see our Frequently Asked Questions