Signature Dinners: Small group evenings, based on a tight age group, with an equal number of men and women. The smallest group is six (three men, three women), the largest group is 12. A complimentary drink, hostess and separate cheques are all part of the package. They are also organized by interest or lifestyle and you can always ask us about our more personalized dinner companion service.

Rotational Dinners: Again there is a tight age range and these events can be interest based (e.g., active lifestyles, business networking, etc.). There are three tables with nine to 12 men and an equal number of women. There is a fixed price menu and the men move to new seats after every course. These have proven to be one of Dinnerworks most exciting events. A Dinnerworks facilitator, complimentary drink and separate cheques are standard features.

For Drinks Only: Another new addition to the Dinnerworks menu and also for a narrow age bracket. Donít have time for dinner but you would like to meet some new people? For Drinks Only offers the perfect solution. Although a complimentary drink is not included, a hostess is on hand to greet you and facilitate the evening. This is a very relaxed and informal way of getting together with new potential friends.

Check the Dinnerworks dinner event page and decide which dinner or event works for you.

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